Extension is a communications consulting firm that attracts and maintains diverse technology clients with various marketing needs in the U.S. public sector vertical.

The Extension Record

Since our founding in June 2001, our top priority—and top accomplishment—has been achieving exceptional results for our clients despite such factors as information overload, government shutdowns, presidential transitions, migration of every-day business to remote environments, and the increased challenge of securing technology infrastructures from sophisticated cyber intrusions. Because trying times require a renewed level of creativity, ingenuity, and flexibility within traditional business strategies, Extension offers communications solutions that complement our clients’ existing resources.

The Extension Approach

Instead of offering a “one-size-fits-all” communications effort, Extension believes that it is critical to build on the infrastructure that already exists. In most cases, your comms experts have achieved a significant level of success in developing and executing a comms strategy. At Extension, we don’t see any need to throw out the tried-and-true in order to inflate our egos or time sheets.

What we do believe in is building on our clients’ existing expertise to develop programs and strategies that empower them to better communicate and better interact with their customers—while fully supporting our clients’ corporate objectives.

The Extension Expertise

Our location in the heart of the east coast “tech corridor” has naturally generated a team with strong expertise in the information technology, defense, and aerospace industries. This knowledge is reflected in everything we do, from public relations campaigns to custom content development.

For companies selling a technical product, our expertise can prove a saving grace, since the ability to translate highly technical specifications and requirements into plain but well-crafted verbiage can make the difference between a successful marketing effort and a failed one.