Your marketing department has the right people, efficient processes, the latest tools. But it’s hard to be all things to all verticals. That’s where Extension becomes your most valued resource.

With expertise in the U.S. Government technology market, our goal is to extend your reach to bring greater focus to your target.

For tech companies seeking to nurture government clients and increase U.S. public sector marketshare, engaging the Extension team has been a top priority. Here are a few reasons why…

“I need a marketing firm with close proximity to Washington, D.C., one that is uniquely qualified with information technology expertise to address the very specific public sector marketplace, one that can navigate through complex public affairs environments and can drive effective and efficient messaging to government.”

Director of Media & Analyst Relations

“An old adage is certainly applicable to the U.S. government market, ‘Only a native guide knows where the big fish are.’ Washington is a distinctive culture where local presence, contacts and relationships are an absolute requirement for success. The federal market requires knowledgeable and experienced market management.”  

Federal Information Security Policy Consultant

“Extension Group has been ahead of the curve in the world of cybersecurity communications for several years. The Extension team provides the experience, knowledge and strategies to those serving a high-demand specialty market.”

International Media Coach